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Austin Lee Junior Go Kart driver

Irene Meliciani, has been working with Austin since 2021.  Kart racing is extremely demanding both mentally and physically.   Irene tunes Austin's fitness and nutrition for the highest levels of competition.


Fantastic service. Diet customised to each clients needed and rounded up with advise regarding sport exercises to make you reach your individual targets. I used Mrs. Meliciani services to get fit months after labour and already after a few weeks following her advises, the first results were there. The diet she created respected all my preferences and was bell balanced that i never had a hungry feeling. As a summary, highly recommendable profesional services if you looking for nutrition advance as well as sport recommendation tailor made for you.

Eliana M.

Irene meliciani è un'ottima professionista!!! Gentile, paziente e molto competente nel suo lavoro... Mi sto trovando benissimo con lei!! E i risultati si vedono già tanto.. Grazie di cuore.. Avanti tutta!!!! Eliana


Very good and personalized diet advices. Dr. Meliciani takes your individual lifestyle and preferences into account. She helped me to understand better what healthy diet is and what little things you can look out for improving your life style.


Sehr gute und individuell abgestimmte Diät-beratung. Dr. Meliciani nimmt deinen individuellen Lifestyle und Präferenzen in augenschau. Sie hat mir konkret geholfen, besser zu verstehen was gesunde Ernährung ist und auf welche kleinen Dinge man achten kann um damit erfolgreich abzunehmen.

P. Cara

A really amazing support and professional behaviour adapting to your own taste !!! I recommend….


Dr. Irene is wonderful! She is a knowledgeable, respectful, and a caring person. She takes the time to listen to your needs and provides you with solutions that are practical. She makes recommendations that are small, but really life changing. There is not judgement in her approach and it doesn't feel like you are on a diet. I've learned a lot from her about nutrition and I am grateful for her support.


Next goal is 90. Wouldnt be possible without you(cant describe in words how thankful I am). Many thanks for always keep tracking and motivating!


I just turned 35 and this is the first time in my life I'm following a diet. Irene will first listen to you and understand what is you cultural and behavioural background in terms of food and cooking and then she'll set up a specific weekly diet with related exercises according to your expected result. I will be honest, Irene is strict but she's also Italian (I obtained one "free" day during the week 😉). In 5 weeks without being very constant I've lost 3 kilos....I'm really happy. I strongly recommend you Irene!


Excellent nutritional plan in preparation for an Ultra-Marathon.

Irene took care of me very well, for the first time I had no stomach pain!


Ausgezeichneter Ernährungsplan in Vorbereitung für einen Ultra-Marathon.
Irene hat mir super gut gefolgen, fur das erste mal ich hatte keine magenschmerzen!


Dr. Meliciani has followed with experience the diabetic pathology that exists in my family. The diet did not involve radical changes to the detriment of taste or the negation of varied and appetizing food. Dr. Meliciani's suggestions have been harmonized with the habits, desires, and food vision of the person she followed. With this beginning a path has been set up to last in time.


After my pregnancy, Irene helped me to find the exact dietary plan to get into shape again and achieve the weight balance. Irene is professional and compassionate qualified nutritionist and very knowledgeable as she has a PHD in biochemistry. Irene was able to put together a detailed protocol with a range of nutritional advise and lifestyle to support this journey. I highly recommend Irene and I am really grateful for her support!

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